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          At Black Pearl, we strive to breed healthy well-adjusted dogs that are sound in body, mind and spirit.  All our puppies are born and raised  in a family envioronment as a part of our family.  When you purchase a puppy or dog from Black Pearl, you can be sure that you are getting a pet or breeding dog that has been well-socialized with children, other pets and has been introduced (age accordingly) to livestock.

          We are standing at stud (to approved females only) our blue merle male, Blue-Eyed Cowboy X.  Our 6 year old, blue/brown eyed, harlequin blue merle male,  Blue-eyed Cowboy X,  is currently available for matings and has already sired 7 gorgeous litters for us here.

          Puppies will be available for sale 2-3 times per year and occasionally we may have young dogs or adults (or other assorted creatures) available for sale as well.  We will post pictures and other information  here on our website..


          We have trained several young dogs for Service Dog work, including our son's Autism Service Dog, Narccisa (Black Pearl's Black Daffodil.)  If you have a child with a developmental delay or other special needs, please contact us about puppies with service dog potential, discounts are available on select puppies we think will have the right personality and health requirements for use as Service Dogs for disabled children.  We are used the NorthStar method to train Narcissa and the puppies we have placed into Service Dog homes.  For more information about Autism Service Dogs and their training please check out www.northstardogs.com/autism.shtml  or consider reading the book "The Golden Bridge- A Guide to Assistance Dogs for Children with Autism and other Developmental Disabilties" by Patty Dobbs Gross, founder of North Star Service Dogs.

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